Writing out a last will and testament is more complicated than it may seem. In Alabama, holographic wills (purely handwritten) are inadmissable into probate – only wills that are properly witnessed and signed can be admitted into Alabama probate. If that fact comes as a surprise to you, don’t worry. Most residents in Tuscaloosa wouldn’t know that without having prior experience in the legal realm. That’s why hiring a lawyer who is experienced with the ins and outs of Alabama probate laws is essential to making sure your last wishes are recognized and respected fully.

Who needs a will?

Short answer – everyone needs a will, regardless of age, economic status, marital status or dependents. Creating a will affords the following benefits:

You will designate who will receive your assets
You determine who will be in control of the administration of your estate
You may save your family money in costs for probate
You will gain greater peace of mind because you know that your final affairs will be in order

For these and many other reasons it is important to reach out to a Tuscaloosa, AL attorney to prepare your last will and testament. Call Ashley McDavid today to schedule an appointment and find out what the process of getting your estate in order will be.